Wednesday, July 2, 2008

On our way to California, in April '08, we stopped in St. George, UT to spend the night and see our friends the Clarksons. I was so excited to see Kylie. We had lots of fun playing in the rocks by their house and at the cool park just down the street. My mom and dad had fun too. My mommy says that daddy and John are big goofballs. Chelsea always has homemade chocolate chip cookies for us to gobble up.

During our California trip, we had fun catching up with our friends the Allens. We met them at Disneyland. I missed Paige and was so glad to see her again. We watched the parade together and went on some rides. My mom called Susannah the cute pregnant lady, and Bridger was there too.
Even though it was April, California was having a heat wave, and the "happy water" at California Adventure Park was cool and refreshing!
In April, My family and I went to California. Brooke liked her first visit to see grandpa Lake, great grandma and our aunts and uncle. I liked it too. Brooke saw grandma Lake and Aunt Krista before when they came to Colorado when she got born. Uncle David is fun and Aunt Krista plays the guitar. Great grandma likes to tease & make me laugh. Aunt Susan gets my nose and gives it back. We went to great grandma's house to see them. I like that we get to go to Disneyland and visit them all there too. We met grandpa Lake at Disneyland and watched the fireworks together.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Brooke playing the piano

Brooke likes to play the piano with her toes. She likes to touch and explore her world with her feet. Funny girl!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

More fun times

My dad likes to play the piano while Brooke and I dance around the room. We likes looking out the window at my mom so she took a picture of us. She's always saying that we're so cute and stuff like that.
This is a picture of my friend Julia and me asleep on my couch. We stayed up late with the babysitter while my mom and dad and her mom and dad were at the temple. We ate popcorn and watched DVD's. We had too much fun!

This is my wild bunny friend, coffee. He comes to see me in my backyard almost every day. I love him so much. My mom is confused about why I named him coffee since I don't even know what coffee is. Oh well.
I really love flowers too. I love to pick them and to look at them. My grandma Petersen lets me pick roses whenever I go to her house. I just say, " please grandma please may I pick a rose?" Then I pick one and ask her for another one and she lets me have another. Then I sometimes pick all the petals off and sometimes I save it and give it a drink when I get home.